Hi, I’m Amanda ‘Jessie’ Coates an Art Journaler, mixed media artist, creative, and doting dog owner to Jessie aka fluff (pictured). I’m a self-taught artist, who has been quietly creating for over 15 years, whilst doing other jobs. However, more recently my artistic passions has been re-ignited with mixed media art journaling.  And I have been learning to incorporate the art of self-care into my daily practices.   My aim is to promote art and creativity which includes mindfulness, self-care, intention and intuitive practices.

I strongly believe that anyone and everyone can be creative and artistic.  But often when we become adults we forget how to do this.  Yet you can rediscover your creativity.  In-fact in this day and age, for me, I believe art and creativity are important to combat the stresses of everyday living.  Furthermore being creative and artistic can be done on a shoe string budget as this creativity as comes from you (and not the artist supplies that you can buy).  Even if you have a cardboard box and a ballpoint pen, you can create something.  In fact, if you think back to your childhood using recycled materials can be a great source of fun and play!

My pen name is Amanda Jessie (there is another artist/creative who has my  name, Amanda Coates).  But I felt that there was no better name for me than my very own fluffy pup companion, Jessie, who is part of my creative lifestyle! So to join me on my creative escapades in trying to live more intentionally, intuitively, mindfully and artistically, please sign up to this website.

Kind regards Amanda ‘Jessie’ Coates


Amanda and Jessie